Learning How to Sing

It's amazing, but learning how to sing is one of the most satisfying things I ever did in my life. I never looked back and what's more, I continue to look forward to each new challenge!

There are plenty of things to do in life when you're not engaged in the kind of work that requires your undivided attention. Singing a simple song to yourself is one of them. So just imagine how much better that would be if you could do that in front of some people in a much louder voice and receive real, heat-felt applause for doing it because you sang so well!

Enjoying Singing

I have always loved to sing out loud right from an early age. But when I was in my early 20s I decided to take it to the next level and got myself some vocal singing tuition of the professional kind. It didn't take me very long to go from softly sung amateur who loved to entertain the inanimate furnishings in my bathroom to a confident songster who could pull off a professional singing gig in front of a crowd of people who absolutely loved what I was doing!

It sounds almost like a fantasy come true, doesn't it? But wait, it sure was a fantasy of mine in the beginning. Regardless of that, I turned that dream into a reality simply by making the decision that I was going to do it.

Do you know that you can do it too?

The Internet Gives Access to Tuition

These days it's so much easier than back in my day when there was no Internet. Now you can surf the net for all kinds of online singing lessons and find plenty of them at all levels.

They range from the free stuff you can find on places like Youtube (which I don't really recommend unless you really are next to broke) right up to professionally created vocal training courses. Some come on DVD, while others are downloadable and it's no secret that they are the next best thing to getting yourself a personal voice coach.

You can read up on these specialist voice training lessons at Top Singing Lessons (topsinginglessons.com) where several of the best ones are reviewed by an active gigging musician and singer who runs the site. It's worth looking at for all the right reasons. Also, take a look at our other article about singing live on the radio for more tips and pointers that might be useful to you.

As there is so much more to being able to carry a tune than simply taking a deep breath, opening your mouth and letting the noise come out, I'd thoroughly recommend that if you want to do it, you get the best training you can afford. Free stuff is OK to get some ideas from, but in the main it won't teach you how to sing correctly and in some cases may even lead you into bad habits that are very tough to break later when you do decide to get better training.