Here is the main page to my own collection of music related pages of articles I've written about what I know from experience and learning over a lifetime. It's from my own perspective and will of course contain my own opinions which may not be the same as other people, but that's how life goes,

The topic of music is so huge that it simply can't be covered in a single article or even in a single website, unless that happens to have the capacity of a decent encyclopaedia! So I've simply done what I can to put up as much as I can about the side of music I know most about, which is playing in a band, writing and performing my own songs as well as playing cover versions of songs I like.

Writing Songs

writing musicOne of the greatest pleasures of being a musician and guitarist is being able to write my own songs. And not only that, but to play and perform them to people who appreciate the effort and give great feedback by applauding and saying how much they liked this or that song.

There is no secret to writing a good song. It often just comes naturally and with some work in structuring the often chaotic initial drafts into a meaningful and cohesive song that can be reproduced not just by myself as a solo performer, but also by the four members of the band as a unit.

Playing Live

Performing in live situation with the band or solo can be a little scary if you haven't had much experience. I remember my first few gigs very well and I was pretty nervous to say the least. But once out there playing, the nerves tend to melt away and you start to enjoy it.

There are a few tricks you can use to calm the nerves to a certain extent if you're prone to them. Taking several slow, deep breaths before getting started is a great way to relax the nerves just enough to enable to you enjoy the show from the performer's side of things.

Another one that sometimes works (if you can make yourself do it) is to take a very deep breath and then shout at the top of your voice for as long as your breath holds out. Then repeat it a few times. I do that anyway as part of my vocal warm-up to loosen any tightness in my throat, but it works well to calm the nerves.

Another great trick I know about (and some actors do this before going on stage) is to find a sturdy wall. Lean into it with your open palms against the wall slightly above your head and push the wall like you mean to push it over!


If you are lucky enough to have a reasonable or even good singing voice and cam sing in tune, you might get a chance as a vocalist for a band. Or if you have the nerve, to go out solo and sing to backing tracks.

Personally, I prefer the idea of singing in a band situation. That's because there is a world of difference between getting tight with live musicians and singing to a regimented, never changing backing music.

Many backing track singers tend to fall apart when they get a chance to sing with a band simply because they don't expect the human element to come into the musical timing and phrasing. Personally, I like singing and playing guitar or bass (as I do with my current band) together as it's more of a challenge to do two things at the same time and still pull off a great performance!

Music is whatever you want it to be for you and for what you like. We all have our own preferences so it makes sense to find like minded musicians with similar musical tastes to your own when joining or forming a band. That way, you all get to enjoy what you do all the more because you're playing what you enjoy most.

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