Welcome to Frettted Music. This is the "About Us" page which introduces the site and its author to visitors wishing to learn more about what this site is all about.

Terry FretterI have a love and passion for the playing of fretted musical instruments and a desire to share this joy with others. For the best part of my working career I have taught guitar in England where I live. Besides the acoustic and electric guitars I play the fretted bass and acoustic bass guitars, mandolin and ukulele.

In early January of 2001 the original incarnation of FrettedMusic.com was launched, enabling both students and experienced musicians to have access to quality music files that can be downloaded directly from this site. The site fell into disuse a few years ago and the domain allowed to expire. I have since purchased the domain and given it a new home along with a new website to continue in its original mission to bring an interest in music to people who want it.

Regardless of whether you are a musician or a good listener passing through, I hope you enjoy browsing through new site's pages. Thank you for your interest.

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